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    edit--sorry, I meant for this to be in the fugitive season two volume 1 thread.

    I thought Paramount's butchery of Gomer Pyle (cutting all scenes where Jim Nabor's sings) was as bad as it could get.

    True, they repaired some Andy Griffith laugh tracks on "Opie the Birdman" and a few other episodes, but that was only because they issued a complete series set and fixing the problem took nothing more than the flip of a switch.

    To hire someone to compose music with texture changes for the entire second season (we can assume a credit change means the entire season and probably season 3 as well) tells me the writing is on the wall. This is a "change" here to stay, even when they do a complete series set two or three years down the line (assuming sales continue despite this abomination, which I hope they do not. I would rather have no sets than these sets).

    But in the end, if the sets are cancelled, it isn't Paramount or CBS that loses.

    We lose. Heck, we've already lost season two. Thank God for season one with only the dozen or so minor music changes.

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