Stax SR-Gamma 'earspeaker' replacement pads

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    After who knows how many years I've pulled my old Stax headphones and adapter out of their boxes, connected to an unused Bryston 2B amp, blasted pink noise through them for awhile from an old-school Tascam EQ to make sure the diaphrams were charged and then sat down for a bit of listening nirvana. Forgot how good these can sound with a decent low frequency bump (they don't have much in the way of bass otherwise). Problem is after nearly 30 years the ear pads are a bit flat, and of course the inner foam disintigrated years ago. I know you can buy replacement pads for the Lambda models but I haven't been able to find any for the Gamma. Anybody know of a source? I know there weren't many of these made (mine are S/N 00375) and I may very well be SOL but I thought I'd check here first before casting the net into unchartered waters.


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