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    I thought I'd post that the current issue of Star Trek-The Magazine, the official Paramount approved glossy magazine, has a short blurb talking about the new DVD coming. The details of the disc contents are readily available, so I won't bore you with that. It does say that David Fern(DVD producer) and Michael Mattesino(restoration supervisor) gave the magazine access to them and will be devoting the December 2001 issue to their work on the disc and the completion of the Robert Wise film.
    The Official Star Trek Fan Club Magazine, "Communicator" did have a short article many months ago covering the TV series DVD's and was going to go over the Motion Picture DVD, but never came through. Maybe Paramount asked them to hold the story till a real release date was given. Which it has now.
    I'm sure those who were at the HTF meet in L.A. learned more from Martin Blyhte's talk.

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