Star Trek Berman era reviewed by Berman in Academy of Television Arts & Sciences video interview

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    Rick Berman is not every Star Trek fan's favorite producer, but he did preside over a lot of the best of times and the worst of times.

    In case some of you guys have not seen this, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences do oral history interviews with notable actors, producers and other creative people in the television industry. They are available on-line.

    The trekmovie website has put together an executive summary of the Berman piece and his own assessment of his involvement in his 4 Star Trek series and 4 films.

    Here is trekmovie's link:

    Interesting to read about some of stuff going on behind the camera. And how he felt about Gene Roddenberry, the fans, continuity, the Enterprise Finale and Captain Kirk. Most of this you know, some I didn't.

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