Stanley Kubrick's Very First Feature Film Screening Tonight, Tomorrow in Los Angeles

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    As those who know anything about Stanley Kubrick are aware, the man did everything he could to prevent people from seeing his very first feature film, 1953's Fear and Desire. Dismissing the film as amateurish and crude, Mr. Kubrick bought up all the prints he could find, hoping the public would just forget about it.


    Of course, he didn't get all the prints. And I was lucky enough in 1975 to see a 16mm print of the admittedly crude film. (How crude? He shot it silently and then dubbed the audio tracks in during post-production.) Yet, for completists of Mr. Kubrick's work, it is a must-see.


    And those of us who live in Los Angeles will be fortunate enough to see a 35mm print of the film at The Egyptian Theatre both tonight and tomorrow (September 10-11). I will be there tomorrow. Further, I'm hoping this event might lead to the film's eventual inclusion on either DVD or Blu-ray (that's just me talking, folks).


    That's not all, however. The Egyptian also is presenting some of Mr. Kubrick's very finest work, including his masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey, over the next few days (along with Dr. Strangelove and A Clockwork Orange).


    It's nice to live here in Los Angeles, eh?

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