Spider, Daredevil, Tenant, War Zone, Night at Golden Eagle...Many More For Trade!

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    Beauty and the Beast #6 OOP

    About Schmidt
    Air America
    And God Spoke (Mockumentary about low budget movie making...only comes in Full Screen)
    Bad Taste 2-disk Limited Edition (5539/50,000) Mint!
    Beautiful (Minnie Driver)
    Boys and Girls (Freddie Prinze Jr/Claire Forlani)
    Continental Divide
    Daredevil WS
    DARKWOLF (Not for Sale or Rental at UPC)
    Devil's Own
    Don't Say a Word
    Ed TV (sealed/UPC slashed)
    Earth Girls are Easy SE
    Eight Legged Freaks Widescreen
    Englishman Who Went Up a Hill and Down a Mountain
    Final (Denis Leary/Hope Davis, Campbell Scott director)
    Highlander 10th Anniversary DC
    Howling, The
    Hunt for Red October (original)
    Hunted, The (Christopher Lambert, John Lone)
    Imax Haunted Castle (DTS; "Promotional" stamped at UPC)
    Jerry and Tom (Sam Rockwell, Joe Mantegna)
    Joe's Apartment
    Josie and the Pussycats
    Lady Jane
    Limbo (John Sayles)
    Lost Souls
    MEET THE FEEBLES (Peter Jackson)
    Modern Vampires (only comes in FS)
    Music of the Heart CE
    Night at the Golden Eagle
    The Patriot SE (Mel Gibson)
    Ride with the Devil (Ang Lee)
    Runteldat (Martin Lawrence Live)
    Sarah Plain and Tall Trilogy
    Say It Isn't So
    Skeletons in the Closet
    Speaking Parts (Egoyan...Full Screen)
    Spider (Cronenberg)
    Starship Troopers
    The Tenant
    Two of Us (Aidan Quinn)...Sealed
    The War Zone - Unrated (Tim Roth director)
    Victory (Willem DaFoe)
    Winslow Boy
    Woman on Top

    Some wants:
    Dead and Buried LE (high want)
    Singing in the Rain 2 disk
    Read My Lips
    What a Girl Wants
    Laurel Canyon
    Me With You
    Grey Zone
    Red Dwarf

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