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    “… Lonesome Dove back in the saddle with a satisfying prequel”
    - Entertainment Weekly, Gillian Flynn

    Comanche Moon
    -The Second Chapter in The Lonesome Dove Saga -

    Val Kilmer, Steve Zahn and Rachel Griffiths Star in the
    Extended Cut of Epic Western Miniseries Debuting
    February 26 on 2-Disc DVD

    Bonus Features Include Behind-the-Scenes Featurettes, Actor
    Profiles and a Look at Comanche Heritage

    Culver City, CA (January 22, 2008) – The epic western miniseries, Comanche Moon - The Second Chapter in the Lonesome Dove Saga, prequel to the hugely popular and award-winning series, will debut on DVD February 26 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Based on the follow-up novel, also written by “Lonesome Dove” author Larry McMurtry (Brokeback Mountain, The Last Picture Show), Comanche Moon - The Second Chapter in the Lonesome Dove Saga stars Val Kilmer (Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang), Steve Zahn (Rescue Dawn), Academy Award® nominee Rachel Griffiths (Hilary and Jackie, TV’s “Brothers and Sisters”, “Six Feet Under”), Karl Urban (Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King), Linda Cardellini (TV’s “ER”), and Wes Studi (TV’s “Into the West”). Comanche Moon - The Second Chapter in the Lonesome Dove Saga aired on CBS primetime television and the entire series will now be available as a two-disc DVD for $29.95 SRP.

    Directed by Simon Wincer (TV’s “Into the West”, “Lonesome Dove,” Free Willy), Comanche Moon - The Second Chapter in the Lonesome Dove Saga follows Texas Rangers Gus McCrae (Zahn) and Woodrow F. Call (Urban) as they struggle to preserve the western frontier against the Comanche Indians. Both men battle with ever-increasing tension in their personal lives -- Gus with his great love, Clara Forsythe (Cardellini), and Call with Maggie Tilton, the young prostitute who loves him. New characters include Captain Inish Scull (Kilmer), a Yankee aristocrat and hero of the recently concluded Mexican War; Inez Scull (Griffiths), the Captain's sexy wife who doesn't hesitate to keep busy with other men while her husband's away from home; and Idahi, a Comanche ally of Chief Buffalo Humps (Studi).

    Two proud but very different men, McCrae and Call enlist with a Ranger troop in pursuit of three outlaws: Buffalo Hump, the great Comanche war chief; Kicking Wolf, the celebrated Comanche horse thief; and a deadly Mexican bandit king with a penchant for torture. Assisting the Rangers in their wild chase is the renowned Kickapoo tracker, Famous Shoes, plus their comrades-in-arms - Deets, Jake Spoon and Pea Eye Parker - in the bitter struggle against the defiant Comanches who are determined to defend their territory and their way of life.

    DVD Special Features Include:
    Featurette: Behind the Scenes of Comanche Moon
    Featurette: Riding Into the Sunset – Cowboy & Riding Training
    Featurette: A Look at the Comanche Heritage
    Digitally Mastered Audio and Video
    Widescreen Presentation
    Audio: English 5.1 (Dolby Digital)
    Subtitles: English, French

    Broadcast Year: 2008

    Comanche Moon - The Second Chapter in the Lonesome Dove Saga has a run time of approximately 284 minutes and is not rated. Artwork is available at Welcome to SPHE Connect. Visit Sony Pictures Home Entertainment on the Web at Sony Pictures

    Two-Disc DVD
    DVD Catalog # 22647
    UPC Code: 0-43396-22647-0
    Order Date: 1/24/08
    SLP: $29.95

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