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    “A true-life movie so good, so well-written and yet sleazy enough
    to satisfy even the cheesiest viewers among us.”
    - Linda Stasi, NEW YORK POST
    “Bruckner takes on the role with gusto.”
    – Matthew Wollin, POPMATTERS
    From the Director of American Psycho Comes the Shocking
    True Story of the Rise & Fall of an American Sex Symbol

    Starring Agnes Bruckner as “Anna Nicole Smith,”
    Along With Oscar® Winner Martin Landau, Adam Goldberg, Cary Elwes,
    & Oscar® nominee Virginia Madsen

    Available Feb. 11 on DVD and Digital

    Culver City, CA (12/9/13) – The shocking true story of an American sex symbol comes to vivid life in ANNA NICOLE, available on DVD and Digital Feb. 11, from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Agnes Bruckner (TV’s “Private Practice,” Murder by Numbers) lights up the screen as Anna Nicole Smith, a modern-day Marilyn Monroe whose meteoric rise to fame from single, Texas mother to international supermodel, actress and reality television personality came with a tragic price. Directed by Mary Harron (American Psycho, I Shot Andy Warhol), this seductively entertaining biopic features a stellar supporting cast that includes Oscar® winner Martin Landau (1994, Best Supporting Actor, Ed Wood), Adam Goldberg (Saving Private Ryan, A Beautiful Mind), Graham Patrick Martin (Bukowksi, TV’s “Two and a Half Men”) Cary Elwes (The Princess Bride, Saw), and Oscar® nominee Virginia Madsen (2004, Best Supporting Actress, Sideways). With ANNA NICOLE, movie fans will be treated to a revelatory and scintillating tale of Hollywood glamour and excess.

    ANNA NICOLE was written by John Rice & Joe Batteer (Blown Away, Windtalkers) and is based on the New York Magazine article “Paw Paw & Lady Love” by Dan Paul Lee. It was produced by Robert J. Wilson (TV’s “Drop Dead Diva”). Executive producers are Craig Zadan (Chicago, TV’s “Smash”), Neil Meron (Chicago, TV’s “Smash”), and Judith Verno (TV’s “Blue Lagoon: The Awakening”).

    Synopsis: Anna Nicole Smith (Agnes Bruckner) was a single mother from Texas, who became one of the biggest supermodels in the world, but her sudden catapult to fame came with a price, as drugs, alcohol and reckless behavior led her down a tragic path. Now you get to see the whole story in this compelling original film, as Anna Nicole’s sexual desires, crippling addictions and her overwhelming need to be famous lead her from incredible fame and fortune to her unfortunate descent. Also starring Martin Landau, Adam Goldberg, Cary Elwes, and Virginia Madsen, ANNA NICOLE is a salacious and voyeuristic film experience.

    ANNA NICOLE has a run time of approximately 89 minutes and is not rated.

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