Spectrum Lab for making Bass Waterfall Charts

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by FoxyMulder, Mar 1, 2010.

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    Hi Everyone

    I have managed to find settings for Spectrum lab so i can make bass waterfall charts of Blu Ray movies but i am having a few problems with finding instructions on how to actually use the software.

    Does anyone use this program and can you help me out with how i might use it.

    I currently have a new laptop with Blu Ray player. It's a Sony VGN-FW56 and comes with realtek high definition audio drivers. Not sure if this laptop can do the job but i'm hoping it can as i wish to post bass water fall charts for my site at www.darkrealmfox.com/film_reviews/

    Can i get the bass waterfall charts directly off the laptop or do you need to plug something into the receiver to get this all working ?

    Basically i'm asking what leads if any i need and whether i need to plug things into an external source.

    I use an SMS-1 for my subwoofer.

    I'm confused on how to get Spectrum lab working and internet searches have drawn a complete blank for me so any help is appreciated.

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