Speaker placement in new media room

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    Hello All, I'm the process of building my new home and was asked by the builder about speaker placements: All these rooms below get pre-wired for 2 speakers: Dining Room Master Bedroom Game Room Back Patio I need to tell the builder whether to Mount prewire on Wall or In-Ceiling and whether they will be Recessed Speakers or Bracket Mount? I need to know the exact same thing for a family room (20 X 18) and media room (14 X 22) but these rooms will have surround 5.1. What should be the speaker location in that case alongwith the subwoofer? Do you guys need the layout/plan to recommend better? The media room will be my dedicated area, all other rooms will have music and radio playing and but I still like good quality. Media Room - Should I use wall mount on the front and in-wall at the back so that they don't interfere with the seating? Are recessed speakers bad in quality because of the loss since they're open at the back? Please guide and help. Thanks in advance.

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