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    Oct 28, 2008
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    Is anyone looking at sci-fi & other genres of 70's-80's tv & movies; or is a list available on this "sweeps week" eye candy ?

    Roller boogie
    charlies angels....details to follow according to interest.I'm new so email me or get my attention somehow.

    On a serios note,"the corporation" is a very worthwhile documentary ///especially in an election year.Baetter than :"why we fight",stupitidy,Walmart-the high cost of low prices....not nearly as terrifying as ?terrorstorm or prison planet.
    see: Alex Jones' Prison Planet: The truth will set you free!
    hes non partison
    My fav is doctor steven e jones & wtc7 thermate studies.
    I took notes on the corporation...its that good.[​IMG]

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