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    Hi guys,
    Just hoping to get an answer to this question if possible.
    I have a Dennon AVC-A1HDa amp and Dennon DVD3800BD blu-ray player, my previous amp had no HDMI capability, so this is my first amp to play the complete HD soundtracks.
    Recently I watched the blu-ray of The Descent, I watched the HD track, which said it was 6.1 PCM but on the amps display it said 7.1.
    Could someone tell me the reason it would run a 6.1 track in 7.1? could it be because its running 2 rear surrounds instead of 1 speaker for DD/EX DTS/ES use, and so its counting the other rear surround as a differant channel? I would have thought that if that was the case, it should have just put the same signal through both rear surrounds and counted it as 6.1?
    thanks for any help.

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