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    Jul 21, 2002
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    OK, time to buy a RPTV. My idea is to go out and buy the current Pioneer SD643HD5 from Costco right now for $2799. Since we'll be sitting only 8'-9' from the screen and watching mainly digital cable I'm concerned that we may not get used to the short viewing distance to the screen (although the THX calculator shows the ideal viewing distance for this size and type screen to be 7.5'). If we can't adjust to the 64" screen we would then take it back to Costco in mid September for a refund (their return policy) and then buy the smaller Tosh 57HDX82 which should be available in stores by then. Since the Pioneer doubler does very well w/NTSC, and we'll be largely viewing digital cable, would be be as likely to get a similar PQ on the Pioneer as later on the slightly smaller 57HDX82 Tosh's? Does this sound like a reasonable plan? Thanks.

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