Sound deadening a room or between two rooms on the cheap?

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    This may fit better under the home theater interiors section but I was afraid I would be told to be $300 each soundproofing panels. [​IMG] So I'll start here...

    Our new house has only one logical place for the HT equipment...the family room. Unfortunately my daughters room is on the other side of the wall.

    Relevant specs of my HT are:
    Denon 3801
    5.1 surround setup by Klipsch.
    Subs are in the bottom of the front towers, venting rear

    Relevant house description:
    Facing the HT there is a small hallway about 10 feet to the right that runs perpendicular to the family room. (moving further right is the kitchen in an open floor plan). On either end of the hallway are the kids rooms. The subs vent to the wall in my 2 year old's room. Standard sheetrock construction, no insulation on interior walls.

    1. deaden the sound transferring from the HT
    2, deaden the sound coming from the kitchen filtering into the kids rooms. Every clink of silverware makes it into their rooms.

    Ideas I have had (none implemented):
    -Sound deadening panels behind HT
    -Replace interior doors to kids rooms with thicker doors (the existing doors are lowest grade builder quality).

    What are your thoughts?

    Thanks very much,


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