Sony VPL-X600 Projector Not Working

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Withen, Sep 6, 2003.

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    If anyone can help me out with this, my thanks would be eternal...

    Last winter I purchased, secondhand, a Sony VPL-x600 projector. It had worked beautifully until a few weeks ago, when it began emiting a strange, sulphorous odor when first turned on. The smell went away after being on for a bit, so I assumed that somehow dust was getting in the projector and settling on the bulb, and then burning off when the lamp was activated.

    This continued until, one fateful day, the unit would not turn on. I had assumed that the bulb had burned out, but now I am not so sure. I opened her up and turned her on, and to my surprise, the smell persisted, even though the lamp was not turning on. In addition, there was a moderate buzzing coming from the same component that I found to be making the smell. It is a small grey "Power Supply Block" part #146828611.

    I was encouraged that perhaps I could simply replace this part, instead of the $400 bulb. However, to my dismay, Sony's parts website lists the part at nearly $600!

    Being a broke college student, I can barely afford a new lamp, let alone a $600 part or a new projector. To put acid in the wound, my new Da-Lite pulldown screen came the VERY DAY that the projector decided to crap out on me. I haven't been able to even take it out of the box

    So anyway, here are my questions:

    1. Am I a fool to hope that this smell and buzzing noise is, somehow, a symptom of a dead bulb? I know this seems silly, but it is the only hope that I can cling to get out of this without shelling out more money than I have (which basically equates to me putting up my screen, sitting on the couch, and crying).

    2. Is there somewhere else I could get this part, for less than the sony site suggests, or maybe even free from an old, dead projector? Where would I go to find it? I'm pretty sure I could replace it if I had the part.

    3. Any other suggestions/insight into repairing my projector for cheap would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance to whoever responds.

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