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    Hello there and what a great forum you have, a friend recomended i visit.
    I have got a few questions about a home theatre system my dad has just bought, before I go on I am not an expert with any form of audio / video systems, frankly i havent got a clue.

    What we allready had in place:
    1)Sony Bravia 42inch Model No: KDL 40S2030
    2)Sky HD+

    The Sky HD is hooked up to the TV by HDMI cable.
    The TV only has one HDMI port on it.

    What we have just bought
    1)Sony Blu-ray player Model No: BDP-S300
    2)Sony DVD Home Theatre system (consisting of a sub / amplifier and dvd player also know as the control unit)
    3)Sony Speaker system Model No: SA-LF1H

    Supllied Accessories Recomended by Sony:
    1) x2 HDMI Leads - Not Sony branded
    2) Digital Coax - Not Sony Branded

    Points that may need reading before looking at my questions
    1) The Amp has no HDMI port on it - the blue ray instructions said that some amps have hdmi ports
    2) The DVD player included in the home theatre system, also know as the control unit, has a HDMI port and a seperate fixed/attached thick grey cable, which the end looks like a scart lead but is thinner and wider. It has a 2 screw in pins on either side, almose like a computer monitor lead. This lead has to go to the amplifier / sub.
    3) So far we have used the Digital Coax supplied and plugged into the blue ray player and then into video one on the amp / sub.
    4) Plugged in and wired up the speakers and connected them to the amp / sub.
    5) Plugged one HDMI cable into the blu-ray (currently the other end is loose not plugged into anything)
    6) Plugged one HDMI cable into the DVD player (currently the other end is loose not plugged into anything)
    7) Connected the thick grey cable mentioned above to the amp

    1) The blue ray player, the Sky + HD, the HDMI DVD player and the one HDMI port on the TV is obviously a problem. Im guessing there is maybe a splitter of some sort out there that allows you to connect the 3 HDMI cables to the one HDMI port on the tv. I know very little about such things, my dad has said that he would rather have a quality splitter than a cheap one and loose quality. Im guessing a splitter would be my only option?
    2) The amp/sub has TV - digital in - optical and the sky+HD box has an optical audio out. Am I right in guessing I can connect the sky to the amp with these 2 ports using an optical cable? and would this be the best way to get sky through the speakers.
    3) Would anyone recomend me plugging things in, connecting up, in another way other than i have specified above?

    Thanks so much and sorry for such a long post.

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