Sony STRDH720 and Sony BDV-E570 Compatibility issue

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by grthdvs, Aug 31, 2012.

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    Hey all,
    This is probably very elementary but I am getting mixed reports on whether or not my subwoofer from the BDV-E570 will work with the STRDH720 AV Receiver and if so how easy is it to make/buy a cable from the RCA like connection on the back. The E570 is a Blu Ray Home Theater all in one with the standard Sony Blue, Red, White, Purple and Grey connection into the back of the Blue Ray unit. Is the Subwoofer output on the back of the receiver analog or digital out?
    The Back of the STRDH720
    The Back of the BDV E370.
    Thanks for any help in advance.
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    Subwoofer out is always analog, as you can't "amplify a digital signal".
    You "can" use the passive subwoofer from your throw-away HTiB. Just like you "can" use the other 5 speakers from it.
    What you HAVE TO DO is...
    1. Buy a receiver with REAL Bi-Amp that isn't really Bi-wire and hope you don't fry the receiver. You hope the speakers die first. It is the whole issue of "PMPO power doesn't mean anything". Your "old" HTiB was lucky to have 20wpc...if that. So the speakers are only meant to use 20 watts. Not 75, 85, 90 or even 110. And those speakers are 3ohm.
    2. You buy an outboard mono amp. There are literally hundreds on the market and literally thousands made since the dawn of audio itself. But the problem is. Most mono amps are designed for real subwoofers. Not pretend subwoofers. So, backing up your 20watt subwoofer with a 150watt amp will fry that "pretend subwoofer" in about a week.

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