Sony LCD rear projector ...XS955

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Phil Tomaskovic, Mar 13, 2005.

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    I know you have to disable the set's speakers if you want to use the RCA L/R audio outputs to a receiver (my Wega XBR250 tube is the same but I also have monitor audio outputs and can either use the set's speakers or send to my receiver and turn the tv audio volume all the way down) without playing with the menu item that enables /disables the speaker output. Makes it easy for mom when she visits since she knows nothing about the receiver and just has to turn the volume up to hear thru the set's speakers if the receiver is off.

    What about the optical audio output? When does it get activated? The manual says only for digital sound so does that mean it will only output if you have sound inputting to the set? Seems silly since most people would have those connections go to the receiver unless maybe for HD set top boxes? So if you are watching plain cable tv, will nothing come out the digital output?


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