Sony launches 55, 65-inch 4K LED TVs

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    Sony has launched two new 4K LED Televisions. The new ultra HD TV range (X9004A series) from Sony is the most affordable 4K televisions ever.

    The X9004A series of 4K LED TVs come with Triluminostm display LED backlighting, which is used in the TV to achieve wider color gamut and provides a far more natural and vivid viewing experience with a heightened sense of depth. I always wonder when a manufactures states that they are providing a far more natural experience. How do you get more natural than natural? That typically means out of the box is over saturated colors.

    Powered by a 4K X-Reality PRO processing engine, the TV improves any content in standard definition form (SD) to 4K resolution, irrespective of the source of the content. While I can probably see upscaling SD content, I don't see the value in doing that for HD content.

    The company states that the X9004 series comes equipped with World's first Magnetic Fluid Speaker design for TV, which allows thinner, more efficient loudspeaker for quality reproduction of high-fidelity sound. Personally, I'm pretty skeptical about the "high fidelity sound".

    The two TVs will be “smart TV”s offering seamless connectivity including, NFC (compatible with Xperia smartphones), Wi-Fi, 3G Dongle and more.

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