Sony HDTV Software Glitch (Bravia & Grand Wega)

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Dave Moritz, Feb 14, 2006.

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    I just got a letter from Sony Electronics Inc, that said they are having issues with a few of there HDTV's. The potential problems are with selected Bravia flat panel and Grand Wega rear projection lcd tv's, manufactured through November 2005. These tv's after a long period of time depending on usage, fail to turn either on or off due to a software issue.

    The letter goes on to say to confirm if your tv may be affected, please go to and input your televisions model and serial number.

    For someone that does not have web access they are to call Sony Customer Service 1-866-210-6333.

    Not all Sony televisions are affected. No safety issues exist with your tv. If you have allready experienced this software issue, the television can be temporarily reset by disconecting the AC power cord from the wall socket, wait at least 30 seconds and then reconect the ac power cord to the wall outlet. The tv should work for another 7 months of use has accumulated.

    Sony is providing this software update at no charge to owners of affected tv's through March 1st, 2008. Terms of Sony's limited warranty otherwise continue to apply.

    I was suprised to receive this letter from Sony and am very satisfied that they are addressing this problem. I am having a Sony autherized service technian come out next week and will see how painless this update is.

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