Sony HD200 / Zenith SAT520 HDTV Decoder Bug After Software Upgrade?

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by MikeM, Apr 10, 2003.

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    I received the software update on my Sony HD200 on 4/1 like many others. The software version now reads:
    (04/01/2003 05:39) HD2 1.04.00

    I have one question that may be a new 'Aspect Ratio' bug in the software:

    I use the DVI connection, and I have always set the mode to "Auto DVI". Before the software update, when I viewed an OTA broadcast of local TV shown in 4:3 SD (480), the Auto DVI option would correctly detect the signal as 480, and allow me to adjust the Aspect Ratio.

    However, after this update, the HD200 sees everything as 1080i, when using "Auto DVI". When I force the Format of the HD200 to "480p", this is the only time I can adjust the aspect ratio of OTA SD 4:3 TV, however, the "Panorama" mode is no longer an option. Where did "Panorama" go?

    So when using anything except the 480p Mode, I can't change the aspect ratio at all. And obviously, if I leave the mode on 480p, then when I view HD-Net or HBO-HD, etc, the mode is not correct and must be manually changed.

    Since it's incorrectly detecting everything as 1080i, when pressing the "Wide Mode", I will get the message "The Apect Ratio of the Program Can't be Changed." This issue happens now with ALL of the local OTA channels I'm receiving.

    This is a major problem. Is anyone else seeing this?

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