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    Clash Videos Rounded Up for 'Essential' DVD
    Tue Apr 8, 7:06 PM ET

    By Jonathan Cohen

    NEW YORK (Billboard) - On the heels of last month's double-disc "Essential Clash" retrospective album, Epic/Legacy has set a June 10 release date for "The Essential Clash DVD," has learned.

    The DVD compiles all of the Clash's videos in one package, bolstered by rare promotional footage and the short film "Hell W10."

    Initial plans called for the videos to be simply tacked onto a new edition of the previously released Clash documentary DVD "Westway to the World," but all parties decided they didn't want to force fans who already owned the film to have to purchase it again.

    "Essential Clash" includes videos for "White Riot," "Complete Control," "Tommy Gun," "Clampdown," "Train in Vain," "London Calling," "Bank Robber," "The Call Up," "Rock the Casbah," and live clips for "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" and "Career Opportunities." A trailer for the "Clash on Broadway" boxed set that incorporates clips of "London Calling" and "Radio Clash" is also included.

    "Hell W10" was written and directed by late Clash principal Joe Strummer (news) and shot in 1983 in the style of a silent, black-and-white film. It features band members cavorting around West London as they become entangled with drugs and gangsters. The Clash's music has recently been added to the film.

    Other rare goodies on "Essential Clash" include promotional footage from 1976, featuring clips of "1977," "White Riot," and "London's Burning," a 1976 interview from "London Weekend Show," and the band's rendition of "I Fought the Law," later used in the group's 1980 film "Rude Boy."

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