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    I'm having some connection issues and hope that somebody on this forum can help.

    I have a VCR & TV hook-up in a den that does not use a cable set-top box (since the TV is cable ready, I see no reason to pay for extra rental equipment). I run the cable through the VCR (Coax IN from the wall, Coax OUT to the TV) so I can record TV programs if I want.

    A friend has asked me to record Formula One races for his son who has some disability challenges, and he has provided me with a DVD recorder (Sony GX257) for this purpose. Since this model does not include a tuner, I am using my VCR for this purpose. The connections are as follows:

    Coax Cable from the wall --> Coax IN on the VCR
    Coax Cable OUT from the VCR --> RF IN on the TV

    A/V Cables OUT from VCR --> A/V Cables IN to DVD Recorder
    A/V Cables OUT from DVD Recorder --> A/V Cables IN to TV

    Connections seem to work fine -- I can see the DVD Recorder from my TV (On Line 1 setting). When I set the DVD Recorder timer to record the race Sunday, it didn't record -- rather, the DVD recorder shut down. It appears there must be some kind of copy guard signal or connection involved with the SPEED channel, since I have no problem recording TV programs off the major networks with the DVD Recorder. By the way, I've recorded previous SPEED channel races with my VCR without any problems.

    I suppose I could record the race first to a videotape in the VCR, then re-record it to a DVD, but that seems very inefficient. Is there another type of equipment connection that could resolve this problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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