Sony bdp-bx1 trouble

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by skywalker310, May 20, 2013.

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    I have the sony bdp-bx1 bluray player, my firmware is updated, the player itself indicates theres no need to update, ive never dropped my player. All my movies run great, however with the office season 8 bd/dvd set i have run into a freezing problem on the 4th episode of disc 1, the dvd side works great, just the bd side is affected. I have unplugged the player, now the episode will skip 10 mins into the show and the counter runs then automaticly skips to the playable portion of disc. This will be my 4th return if i go again to bestbuy, problem is, on their cheap dynx (sp) bluray player the portion of the affected disc plays with no problems, my sony bdp-bx1 will not play the bluray side of the affected episode while the dvd side plays without problems. My ps3 will not play the bd side either. I am wondering if its the disc ? There seems to be a faint bleeding blotch on the dvd side, not on the bd side. Is it my player, has it reached its death toll? Is it my lense, if so is there any lense cleaning for bluray players as i hve only seen dvd cleaners, does it matter? Any help would be apprecited, thank you for your time.

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