SONY 46" 8 BIT VS 10 BIT

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    Aug 2, 2009
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    I have a toshiba 42 x3030 at the moment and are looking to get a 46" sony bravia ,was going to get a kdl46-w5500 but saw that it has a 8 bit panel when the older w4000,w4500 have 10 bit panels but with a lower contrast also my main use is ps3 gaming and the newer w5500 has a game mode so which would be better for my use and why is is now only the very high end bravias have 10bit panels seems to me sony have gone backwards.I know that the 4000/4500 has be2 and the w5500 has be3 so which is the better set-please can someone help before i waste my money on the wrong choice,thanks in advance.

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