Sony 1292 vs. Sony G70

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Drew Eckhardt, Apr 26, 2003.

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    I own a Sony 1292. It has wonderful colors, a nice 3D effect, resolves 1440x960p, and is plenty bright on an 87" wide 1.3 gain screen. 1920x1080p looks good, isn't fully resolved, although that's at least partially due to my etup skills. Basically, looks like film, is drop-dead gorgeous.

    BUT, it has the dreaded 1292 streaking problem (example: on the Matrix, there's a streak until the end of the scan line in the dimmer scenes where Morpheus's sunglasses have a bright reflection), a small wear pattern on the blue tubes that gives me blue triangles at the sides of brighter scenes, and a matching green wear pattern (not visible on the tube face, but visible on a full-screen green or green+red image).

    09MFX3 tubes are $2215 each, aren't rebuildable, and none of the CRT kung-fu masters have solved the streaking problem.

    OTOH, I probably (will know monday) can pick up an inexpensive G70 with worn B+G tubes, VDC rebuilds are $595, and a G70 seems like it would be a reasonable solution to all my image shortcomings. Will doing that mean giving up anything I like about my 1292, apart from a bit of resolution and pop for HD?

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