Some Sony WEGA KV-32HS420 Problems Solved

Discussion in 'Displays' started by MikeEckman, Nov 8, 2004.

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    I thought I would do this in a new thread to make it easier to find in search for anyone else that might have my set.

    I started a thread about a week ago about my new Sony KV-32HS420 HD TV that had several problems out of the box. This unit replaced an older Sony WEGA 32FS13 which was a non-HD unit that provided 3 years of faithful service. I was quite familiar with the service menu in the old TV and understood most of the options, however the service menu in the new unit is different and had different options.

    Anyway, here were my original complaints and how I remedied them:

    1. 16x9 oversqueeze. From what I've read, all Sony 4x3 TVs that do 16x9 compression have this problem. In the service menu you need to change ASPT to correct this problem. My default value was 47. I found 50 to give an accurate circle using a pattern on Video Essentials.

    2. Excessive Red Push. There is a very good sticky in this forum warning people not to get grayscale problems confused with red push. My problem was most certainly red push because I balanced my TV using a blue filter on color bars and my problem was only on the color red. My grayscale patterns had no color in them. Anyway, there is an option in the service menu called MTRX. I changed that from 0 to 1 and that seemed to help the problem. The red was still a little high, so I found a series of Gamma corrections called GAMR, GAMG, and GAMB. These control the R, G, and B values on the TV. I lowered my GAMR setting to 12 (I believe) and combined with the MTRX setting, my reds are MUCH more tolerable, and I still have no color on grayscale.

    3. Excessive white levels, too dark black levels. I've set white and black levels on TVs before using the patterns on Video Essentials, but for some reason with my set, when I would do it on the DVD if I would watch a movie, dark scenes were WAY too dark. If I would increase the black level, then my whites would get too bright. No matter what I did, I could only get one or the other right. I found an option in the service menu called BLK or BLCK (I already forgot), but it was set to 0. This must be some sort of black compression, but I set it to its max of 3 and now my black levels are much better. Dark scenes still retain some detail without blooming white levels. I still needed to calibrate my Brightness and Picture settings, but now I have it at a level which is much more acceptible to me.

    4. Top half of the picture is darker than the second half. This appeared to only be on my copy of Dawn of the Dead (2004 remake). Since it was a dark DVD, I was using it to calibrate my black level problems. I threw in Hellboy and the problem is gone, so this wasnt even a problem with my TV thank goodness.

    5. Too much overscan...all tube TVs seem to have this out of the box. Using Video Essentials and my VPOS, VSIZ, HPOS, and HSIZ settings, I got everything to approx 4%.

    6. Downward bending on the left side of the picture. Unfortunately, I have not been able to correct this one yet. I cannot find a geometry setting in the service menu that can correct this. Furthermore, my problem appears to only be with the Green adn Blue scanlines because if I manually turn off everything except red, the downward bending isn't visible. But when G and B are on, there is a very subtle bending on the left frame of the screen. Its not visible in 4x3 mode, but in any widescreen mode you can see it. Other non-HT saavy people who see my TV dont even notice it til I point it out to them, but it drives me crazy. If anyone has any ideas for this, lemme know, but I have a feeling this is something I am going to have to deal with.

    7. Speck of dust on my aperature grille. I am not kidding, there is a black speck behind my screen in the aperature grille. Its definitely not something on the screen cause I cant feel it with my fingernail, but its there. I cant really see it unless I am less than 5 feet away from the screen, but it pisses me off that Sony would let something like that happen.

    Oh well, I was able to correct most of my problems. No flat screen tube TV is going to be perfect. Overall I am happy with my unit, although it sucks that Sony removed the top control buttons and relocated them to the bottom of the TV where they're basically useless to me. I am happy to finally have HD even though my only HD source is my Xbox! [​IMG]

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