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    This picture snuck out on Blu-ray in the UK a week or so ago and I've just got round to watching it. Some Like It Hot has always been a great favourite of mine, and I'm delighted to see that all the material from the 2001 CE DVD has made it on to the Blu-ray with the addition of some new material. It's sad to think that since the documentaries were made so many of the contributors have gone.
    One thing from watching The Making Of Some Like It Hot puzzles me, though. I know Paula Strasberg was a close personal friend of Marilyn's, but as an acting coach couldn't she see how unbelievably unprofessional she was being encouraging Marilyn to look to her for approval at the end of a scene than to Billy Wilder? Had she and her husband got some kind of agenda going? I know Marilyn was pretty fragile shooting the picture, but even so you'd think somebody would have read Paula Strasberg the riot act.

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