Some Laserdiscs for Sale (good titles!)

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    I have the following laserdiscs to sell (shipping included):
    -Raiders of the Lost Ark LBX MINT - $30
    -Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade LBX NEAR MINT - $25
    -Back to the Future LBX MINT - $20
    -The Wizard (Fred Savage, Nintendo Championships) FULLSCREEN SEALED - $15
    -Vagabond: Criterion Collection SEALED NEW - $20
    -Fearless LBX MINT - $15
    -Quiz Show LBX MINT - $15
    -The Goonies FULLSCREEN NEAR MINT $10
    Take the whole set for $130 shipped!
    Payment can be check or money order (sorry, not set up for PayPal)... I'm on the Good Traders list!
    Post here or send mail to
    Thanks for looking!!!
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