Solders of Fortune - full series!

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    I don't know anything about this series but am intrigued by's writeup:



    • Soldiers of Fortune follows the exploits of Tim Kelly and Toubo Smith, international adventurers who travel the world offering their services for hire. Each action packed show finds the pair embarked on exotic quests around the globe. The ruggedly handsome John Russell brings a cool determination and worldly charm to the role of Tim Kelly, and versatile character actor Chick Chandler plays Toubo Smith with flair and good humor, no matter what scrapes the two get in. A Revue Studios Production shot in Hollywood, Soldiers of Fortune was one of the first TV dramas to incorporate location shots from around the world and also used more stuntmen than any other 30 minute series in the fifties.


    I think it's time that we all pay homage to Timeless Media for going where the big studios/production companies ambivalently fear to tread...


    Three cheers on another rare release!

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