Snow Cake

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    This was an enjoyable little film that cuddles up to you and delivers in a funny non-tear jerking way. Sigourney Weaver plays Linda Freeman a middle-aged adult with autism. She shares her home with her teenage daughter Vivienne who just recently came to live with her after being raised by her Grandparents. Linda is highly functional and has lived independently for most of her life. She has some really interesting idiosyncrasies that not only amuse but also help define her unique presence.

    Alan Rickman plays Alex Hughes a sullen man who is driving by car to meet an old acquaintance. Stopped for a bite to eat he meets Vivienne Freeman (Emily Hampshire) Linda’s daughter who is need of a ride back to her mother’s home. Alan’s communicative defense shield at maximum power isn’t enough to stop Vivienne’s piercing personality and eventually he agrees to give her a lift. Unfortunately an accident occurs and Alex finds himself at Linda’s doorstop.

    Sigourney Weaver does a good job creating a character with high-functioning autism. Her character is both interesting and endearing. There are moments where she stumbles a bit losing some authenticity but nothing to disrupt the film. The star to me in this movie is Alan Rickman. He plays a role that Bill Murray has been doing for years. A character who just sucks it all in and displays his feelings though facial expressions and sarcastic replies. The two really balance each other out and without either the film would definitely suffer. Carrie-Anne Moss from the Matrix plays Linda’s neighbor Maggie.

    This isn’t perfect by any means as there are slight nitpicks in the story and acting that could have been improved. This should appeal to a slightly older crowd who enjoys a quality story stuffed with subtle humor. I hope it gets a wide release in America because it’s much better then a lot of the junk filling up the screens.


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