Small suround speakers?

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    Hi everyone,

    Well, I think for now, we're going to be staying in the condo, which is less-than optimal for a 5.1 setup. I have already purchased the Diva 2.1's, which were going to be in a second room, but now it looks like they will be the main speakers for my setup for the time being. Which means I still need a center and some surrounds. I'll keep an eye out for the Diva C3 to timbre match across the front.

    But for the rear surrounds, I need some SMALL speakers to go on either side of the couches where now there's no room. I thinking I need something like the Gallo Micro's, or something similar in size. Anyone have any recomendations? Anyone heard the Mirage Omnisats yet? I'd like to get some small speakers now, that can function as the surrounds, but can be used as main speakers later when I go get the full HT setup.

    Thanks for listening.


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