"Sightings" and other shows I would like on DVD

Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by Mike T, Apr 4, 2007.

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    (Since my other post was closed, I decided to post again.)

    I'm still hoping that Paramount will wise up and release "Sightings" on DVD. I haven't heard anything about it, but it never hurts to hope. I've written letters and e-mails to a few other DVD companies in hopes that maybe they can buy the license to Sightings from Paramount and release it themselves. If Paramount isn't interested in producing the DVDs, then a smaller company might profit from it (and it wouldn't hurt Paramount if they sold the license or gave the rights to do it).

    I e-mailed Anchor Bay Entertainment and VEI and suggested that they try to get the rights to "Sightings". I also sent a regular mail letter to First Look Studios, Inc. Those studios seem to cater to cult TV shows and movies, so they seem like a good fit for this show. Do a google search and you can find contact info for them. Of course, you can't expect a reply from any of these companies, but maybe someone will look into it. Paramount just seems to be dragging their feet on this. They released several Unsolved Mysteries paranormal sets, so they must know there is a market for it (I assume those sets sold pretty well or they would have stopped releasing them after the inital three sets). Even if Paramount (or any company) doesn't think that Sightings would sell well, they could always try a single disc release with a few episodes on it and "test the waters". If it didn't do well, it wouldn't have cost them much money to produce and if it did do well, they could begin releasing the season sets. I don't think it would hurt a huge company like Paramount (probably wouldn't hurt a smaller company much, either).

    Other paramormal documentary shows that I would also like to see released include:

    "In Search Of..." (the original series with Nimoy/1976 - 82)

    "Encounters: The Hidden Truth" (1994 - 96)

    "The Paranormal Borderline" (hosted by Jonathan Frakes /
    1996 / This one is unlikely because there were only 9
    episodes produced, but I thought I would throw it in.)

    "Unexplained Mysteries" (2003 - 04 / Yeah, I know this
    show was mainly a re-edited version of Sightings with
    a new narrator and visual style, but it was still
    entertaining (although, they repeated footage way too
    much on the "coming up next..." parts)

    "Mysteries, Magic, & Miracles" (1994 - ? / The first season
    was released a couple of years ago on a messed up
    DVD set. It would be nice to see the second season
    released on a better quality set.)

    "A Haunting" (In my opinion, this is the best ghost show
    on TV. It is actually creepy and suspenseful. They
    already have several individual episodes out on DVD
    from Discovery Channel store, but I want a season set.)

    Most of the other paranormal documentary shows didn't impress me too much (not the ones that I mentioned; other unnamed shows). Most of the shows on the cable channels tend to debunk the paranormal. I prefer a show that leans more toward believing in it or at least giving a neutral viewpoint and letting the viewers decide for themselves. (I've been buying the "Ghost Hunters" DVDs, and wouldn't mind a set of the british series "Most Haunted", even if they do get silly most of the time.)

    Other shows I would like to see released on DVD:

    The New Adventures of Robin Hood (1997 - 98)
    The Adventures of Sinbad - season 2 (1996 - 98)
    Viper (1994; 1996 - 99)
    Stingray (1986 - 87 / I think this one is coming soon)
    Street Hawk (1985)
    The Six Million Dollar Man (1970s)
    Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal (1996 - 2000)
    Friday the 13th: The Series (1987 - 90)
    SeaQuest DSV - season 2 (1993 - 95)

    So, let's keep talking about "Sightings" (as well as these other shows that I mentioned) and maybe someday someone will listen to us.


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