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    I know we're all sad about the passing of this very interesting director and actor. (Maybe a better actor than director? His turn in the pool room in "Eyes Wide Shut" is one of the great scenes of the 90s, imho.)

    By sheer coincidence, this weekend I was watching the only two-part episode of the "Have Gun Will Travel" series "A Quiet Night in Town", and who do you think the (REAL) bad guy is? A very young Sydney Pollack! He plays a sort of racist half(or quarter) breed, who takes away from Paladin the man he's bringing to trial, a half-Mexican half-Irish dude accused of murdering three men.

    My gosh -- what an awesome episode. Every moment of the 50 minutes -- with the exception of the standard silly opening where Paladin is interrupted with a woman -- and why does he keep playing the field with Lisa Lu as Hey Girl around?

    Where was I? Once we get into it, every moment of the two-partner is filled with such intensity and moral weight. As is so often the case in this magnificent series, the episode struggles with what is the right thing to do, and what it means to be human. HGWT is just a great example of popular art.

    Pollack is both evil and perfectly reasonable in what is a true stand-out turn.

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