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    I was flipping channels when I came upon this 1/2 reality show. It follows the businees and personal life of porn movie maker Seymour Butts. It was kinda of interesting to see how the crank these movies out. But, in one episode they show how the guys 8 year old son wants to go snowboarding for his b-day. I was thinking to my self. In about 4-5 years this kid will become the most popular kid in school. On a serious note. Adam (aka Seymour) talks with a porn star who is pregnant about having kids and being in the industry. He says how tough it is when his son makes a friend and their parents find out. And if they are against his line of work. They won't allow their kid to be his sons friend. And that is hard for his son to understand.

    ps-The chicks in the show are hot too. [​IMG]

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