Shout! Factory's 2013 DVD Line-Up (NON-Horror Films)

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    Thought it was about time I should start this thread up. Wavecrest (aka Richard) kind of prodded my lazy ass into action. I have to admit I haven't been keeping track of any of their NON-Horror titles, so here's a reproduction of a post made by Richard showing what they got coming out.

    The Duellists (1977) - Tuesday 18th December (Blu-ray)

    The Hi-Lo Country (1998) - Tuesday 18th December (DVD)

    Portrait of a Lady (Special Edition) (1996) - Tuesday 11th December (DVD)

    The Portait of a Lady (Special Edition) (1996) - Tuesday 20th November (Blu-ray)

    Sometimes a Great Notion (1970) - Tuesday 18th December (Blu-ray)

    and film titles with Shout! Factory / Timeless Media Group listed as the studio on their pre-order listing pages:

    Django! Double Feature: Django Kills Silently (1968) / A Pistol for Django (1971) - Tuesday 11th December (DVD)

    Django! Double Feature: A Man Called Django! (1971) / Django and Sartana's Showdown in the West (1970) - Tuesday 11th December (DVD)

    Lightning, the White Stallion (1986) - Tuesday 20th November (DVD).

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