Shout Factory Press Release: Sports Night: The Complete First Season

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    [SIZE= 12pt][​IMG]

    Starring Golden Globe® Winner Felicity Huffman, Peter Krause,
    [SIZE= 12pt]Emmy® Winner Robert Guillaume, Josh Charles, Sabrina Lloyd and Joshua Malina[/SIZE] [SIZE= 12pt] [/SIZE] [SIZE= 20pt]Sports Night: The Complete First Season[/SIZE] [SIZE= 12pt]Featuring All 16 Memorable Episodes and Extensive DVD Bonus Content[/SIZE] [SIZE= 12pt] [/SIZE] [SIZE= 12pt]4-DVD BOX SET AVAILABLE NATIONWIDE MARCH 30, 2010[/SIZE] [SIZE= 12pt] FROM SHOUT! FACTORY
    [​IMG]From award-winning creator Aaron Sorkin who brough us The West Wing and Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip, comes Sports Night, an innovative half-hour program about a witty dream team from
    a fictional cable sports network who close ranks in daily battle against cranky network executives, unforeseen technical mishaps, unpredictable athletes and personal quagmires to put “Sports Night” on the air live every night. [SIZE= 11pt] [/SIZE] [SIZE= 11pt]Combining the storytelling talents of Sorkin and Thomas Schlamme and unforgettable performances by Josh Charles (In Treatment), Robert Guillaume (Benson), Felicity Huffman (Desperate Housewives), Peter Krause (Dirty Sexy Money), Sabrina Lloyd (Sliders) and Joshua Malina (The West Wing), Sports Night’s first season defined a new style and raised the bar for all television programs to follow.[/SIZE] [SIZE= 11pt] [/SIZE] [SIZE= 11pt]Sports Night[/SIZE][SIZE= 11pt] debuted on ABC on September 22, 1998 and received an extraordinary reception from television critics and fans alike. Brimming with wry wit and high-brow humor, Sports Night is not a program about sports. The show provides an all-access pass to the inner workings of a high pressure cable newsroom and sheds lights on those dedicated news anchors and crew who ultimately push personal conflicts aside to bring their audience the best sports program offered on television – sometimes against considerable personal odds.[/SIZE] [SIZE= 11pt] [/SIZE] [SIZE= 11pt]Set primarily in the New York City studios, Sport Night is a uniquely behind-the-scene look at a cable sports news show of the same name that focuses on the professional and personal lives of the people who push and pull and do everything they can to make that evening’s show go on the air. It’s not always that easy. Josh Charles as Dan Raydell and Peter Krause as Casey McCall, two “Sports Night” anchormen in their early thirties lucky enough to have turned their lifelong passion – sports – into lucrative careers, Felicity Huffman as the quick witted, ball-busting producer Dana Whitaker, whose passion for sports is match-for-match as passionate as Dan and Casey’s, Robert Guillaume as the cable show’s executive producer, Sabrina Lloyd as a young twenty something associate producer and Joshua Malina as a brilliant, though somewhat nerdish associate producer Jeremy Goodwin.[/SIZE] [SIZE= 11pt] [/SIZE] [SIZE= 11pt] [/SIZE] [SIZE= 11pt] [/SIZE] [SIZE= 11pt]Special Features:[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2][SIZE= 11pt]The Show[/SIZE][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2][SIZE= 11pt]Interviews with creator Aaron Sorkin, director Thomas Schlamme and members of the cast and crew reveal the story of [I]Sports Night[/SIZE][/I] from inception to cancellation to legacy.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2][SIZE= 11pt] [/SIZE][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2][SIZE= 11pt]Face-Off ESPN’s [I]SportsCenter[/SIZE][/I] vs. CSC’s [I]Sports Night[/I][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2][SIZE= 11pt]The real-life counterparts to [I]Sports Night[/SIZE][/I]’s fictional team tell us what the show got right. Featuring [I]SportsCenter[/I] anchors Josh Elliot and Jay Harris, Senior Coordinating Producers Glenn Jacobs and Michael Schiffman, Associate Producer Elizabeth Sosbee and Researcher David Rose.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE= 11pt] [/SIZE] [SIZE= 11pt]Season One Gag Reel[/SIZE] [SIZE= 11pt] [/SIZE] Five Commentaries With Creators, Cast and Crew

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