Shame On You (2006)

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    Dennis Quaid is writing, directing and starring in a movie bio of Spade Cooley, a legendary musician with a bad temper.
    This will come 17 years after Quaid starred in Great Balls of Fire, a movie bio about a legendary musician with a bad temper.
    This seems like a remarkably bad idea for a first time director. For starters, absolutely no one, except total early country music geeks, like me, know who Spade Cooley (1910-1969) was. He billed himself as the King of Western Swing and certainly had a popular West Coast band, but that was 60 some years ago. Are we going to have 2 hours of hot jazz interspersed with Spade stomping his wife to death?
    These facts can’t be considered spoilers; I’m just referring to the man’s history. He got life in prison for first-degree murder.
    I think Dennis ought to rethink this and do the Bob Wills Story. Wills was the “King of Western Swing” (although Milton Brown was the founder) and Bob was legendary as a bandleader, with a bad temper. However, unlike Cooley and Jerry Lee Lewis, none of Will’s wives died from other than natural causes.

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