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    I can ship for a reasonable price, or local pick up (NC/SC) I currently have a few pieces availble, and getting more all the time. I test them personaly myself. *Kenwood Graphic Equalizer GE100-IIB $50 *Niles HDL-6 HD Speaker Selection System $120 *Adcom GFR-700HD $600 *NAD Reciever 7120 $100 *NAD Multi Channel Amp 906 $155 *Yamaha AV Reciever RX-V1065 $200 *Yamaha RX-V567 (FACTORY SEALED IN BOX) $400 *SAE 2922 $175 *NHT SA-2 $100 I always more than is listed, all types of things (EQs, speakers, Amps, PreAmps, Recievers, CD changers, DVD/BlueRay players, ect) Just let me know what you are looking for, I probably have it! Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read!

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