set up sound from televison through home cinema speakers

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    Hi I have set up the samsung UE40ES8000 46" 3D LED Smart television to a SAMSUNG HT-E4500/XU 5.1 3D Blu-ray Home Cinema System Humax HDR500S Freesat and a PS3 . I have used HDMI cables from the blue ray, humax freesat and PS3 to the three hdmi connectors on the televison, I have put the blue ray home cinema HDMI into the ARC HDMI on the televison Home cinema works fine when using the blue ray player. I then tried the television sound through the speakers, The television sound came on first and then the front two speakers of the surround speakers started working and the televison soudn went off (Yippeeeeee) but then when I turned everything off and started the process again i.e television on home cinema on the sound came out of hte televison speakers and then it appears to swop to the surround speakers but there is no sound. I have tried various conbinations of turning the televison on second the PVR on first etc. Any suggestions welcome, I am new to all this and have only managed to get htis far by reeeading the manuals and reading thsi forum. Thanks Frnterer

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