Service Bulletin for Sony KP-53HS30

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    I have a HS30 that is about 2 months old. I have already calibrated the set
    with Avia, and the picture was pretty good, but I know that a focus and
    manual convergence could improve it. I had purchased a 3 year service
    agreement, so I placed a service call to have the focus and convergence
    set. When the tech arrived he confirmed that it did need focus and
    convergence. He then opened the back and checked the revision on one of the
    boards. He then informed me that the was a service buletin to replace the
    "small signal board" He has ordered the board and it is supposed to be
    replaced next saturday. I have a few questions that I am hoping that
    someone can help with.

    1. I have scoured the internet and cannot find any information about this
    service bulletin or any other for that matter for my set. Is there a place
    online where I can get service bulletins?

    2. Has any other HS30 owners heard about this bulletin? Has anyone else
    had this board replaced, and did it improve the picture quality?

    3. Does anyone know what the "small signal board" in a HS30 is and what it

    I am pretty particular about my HT, and I just want to make sure that this
    is a real service bulletin, and not that the tech either did not know how to
    fix my set, or is just making something up and replacing a board to try to
    appease me. Any insight that anyone has woudld be greatly appreciated.

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