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    I’ve just replaced a Philips LX7000SA home cinema system with a Panasonic SC-HT540 due to the main unit of the Philips being killed by a power surge. The Panasonic has much better image quality, but the sound is really poor compared to the Philips. Investigating the spec of both sets of speakers reveals that the Philips are far superior – see some specs below. So I intend to use the Philips speakers with the Panasonic box to get the best of both, but I am really new to this and would appreciate some advice from those in the know about compatibility. Who would have thought this could be so complicated, no wonder home cinema it has become a hobby in its own right!

    1 – The Philips subwoofer has a plug audio connector, whereas the Panasonic has +/- wires. I'm thinking I can just cut one end off and plug the two wires in, but am I missing something.

    2 – The spec for the Philips sub doesn’t list its impedance, which is odd because it gives a figure for all the other speakers in the set. But it does say ‘Output power: 50W (4Ω, DIN)’. Is this the impedance? It seems low to me as the much lower quality sub it is to replace has an impedance of 6Ω. Is this okay to use or will it blow?

    3 – The sub I want to use is powered but it is replacing a non-powered sub, is this a problem?

    4 – Is there anything else I should be aware of here? E.g. is it okay to use speakers with a higher impedance than the ones they are to replace and can doing what I propose damage the Panasonic main unit/amp or create other problems?

    Thanks to anyone who can help & sorry about the long post!



    6.5” unshielded
    Output power = 50W (4Ω, DIN)
    Rep’ frequency response = 30Hz – 150Hz
    Phase switch = 0 degrees, 180 degrees
    Input sensitivity (Sub in) 200 mVrms
    Powered sub amp, THD = 10% at 100Hz
    Impedance = 6Ω, 2-way shielded, 3” full range, 1”piezo
    Impedance = 6Ω, 2-way un-shielded, 3” full range, 1”piezo
    Impedance = 6Ω, 3” full range, 1”piezo (MTM), 2-way shielded
    Output power 5x30W RMS, 1kHz, 10%THD,


    16.5cm cone
    Impedance = 6Ω
    1-way, 1 speaker (Bass reflex)
    Frequency range 32Hz-220Hz (-16dB)
    38Hz-180Hz (-10dB)
    Input power (IEC) 250w (Max), not powered
    Impedance = 3Ω, 1-way, 1 speaker (Bass reflex), 6.5cm cone
    Impedance = 4Ω, 1-way, 1 speaker (Bass reflex), 6.5cm cone
    Impedance = 6Ω, 2-way, 2 speaker (Bass reflex), 6.5cm cone
    F 110W RMS per channel (3Ω), 1kHz, 10%THD
    R 90W RMS per channel (4Ω), 1kHz, 10%THD
    C 225W RMS per channel (6Ω), 1kHz, 10%THD
    Sub 225W RMS per channel (6Ω), 100kHz, 10%T

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