Search in the Dark

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    I saw this last night for the first time in almost 40 years. I don't remember seeing it back then, but I also don't recall missing any episodes.
    I found it to be a mediocre Mannix episode, which still made it more entertaining and enjoyable than almost anything on TV now. The episode reflected the character development that was built over the years, of course between Joe and Peggy, but also between Joe and Art. I loved the brief exchanges between Joe and Peggy, and then Art and Peggy, about her coffee at the start ("and, it's hot"), and the trust and respect shown in the exchanges between Art and Joe about whether Joe was involved or had the Auroras.
    The somewhat convoluted story, Buono's typical scene-chewing (over)acting, and the nearly comical pawn shop owner's character didn't detract from an overall enjoyable 50 minutes. Also, the actress who played the daughter looked familiar so I looked her up. She (Carol Bagdasarian) was in 5 or so Mannix episodes, so I must have been paying attention....

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