Scosche Black Stealth EFX & EFX-2~RCA-interconnects

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Geoff L, Jul 11, 2003.

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    Hi all

    Has anyone used (these rca-interconnects)?

    I've read good things about them, but like all cable brands/models, they have their "dedicated fans" and of course the other side of the coin, (you use that crap)!

    Looking into these, and the cheaper EFX-2 cables, the car guys really like the EFX-2 cables due to noise problems that they seem to eliminate and their reasonable pricing.

    Only interested in actual users of the Black Stealth interconnect line,,, or the cheaper in $'s EFX-2 line with Amp Trigger lead built in!
    I can get incredible break in price on both these cable lines and need to wire a bedroom system that most would consider quite large. That is component wise.
    Need many many RCA Analog cables, all video and digital cables will be a different brand and be bought elsewhere....

    Those not familiar with the Stealth Black line of RCA-interconnects they can be seen here.

    Same with the EFX-2 line, can be seen


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