Scorpion Press Release: The Survivor

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    [FONT= 'Arial Black']On April 17th, Scorpion Releasing presents THE SURVIVOR, based on the terrifying best seller by master horror writer James Herbert (THE FOG)! A 747 jetliner, piloted by Captain Keller (Robert Powell, JESUS OF NAZARETH), suffers an explosion just after take-off and 300 passengers are incinerated. Keller is found wandering from the wreckage unharmed and unable to understand how he has survived. As Captain Keller embarks on his fateful odyssey, he is joined by a psychic (Jenny Agutter, LOGAN'S RUN, AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON) to solve what really happened to his plane. Directed by David Hemmings (DEEP RED, BLOW UP) and also starring acclaimed actor Joseph Cotten (CITIZEN KANE), [/FONT]Scorpion Releasing proudly presents the complete uncut version of THE SURVIVOR.

    [FONT= 'Arial Black']Special Features:[/FONT]
    Play with or without the "Nightmare Theater" experience
    Brand New 16x9 (2.35:1) scope master of the complete uncut 99 minute version, for the first time on U.S. DVD!

    [FONT= 'Arial Black'] [/FONT]

    Audio commentary with producer Anthony I. Ginnane moderated by Katarina Leigh Waters

    [FONT= 'Arial Black']Original Trailer[/FONT]

    [FONT= 'Arial Black']Reversible sleeve with and without the banner
    MSRP is 19.95[/FONT]

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