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    Mitty started it. Kenneth Cummings continued it. And this year I'll be kicking off the 5th Annual HTF October Scary Movie Challenge. Those of you who have participated before know the rules, and for those of you who haven't, it ain't that complicated. These are the rules that Mitty first posted with small revisions from myself.

    1. Watch 13 Scary/Horror/Halloween-Themed films before midnight on October 31, 2004 (use your own timezone to set the ending time).

    2. Two of the above must be new discoveries, movies you've never seen before. The point of this is to see those few movies you've always meant to see, but never got around to. I recommend more than 2, but 2 is the minimum to pat yourself on the head and say you completed the challenge. Please specify new discoveries in your film list by making them bold, adding asterisks, different colors, etc.

    3. If you were part of the challenge last year, no more than two of the same films can be RE-watched. I'll grant a couple since some movies (ie. Halloween, Rocky Horror) are simply tradition and I'm willing to give credit for these. (Revision: This only applies to those going for the 13 movie challenge)

    4. Come here and talk about 'em.

    5. There is an uber-category, the Ultimate Splatter Challenge for those who wish to put all of the rest of us to shame. This is the heavyweight division. These people, if they choose to accept the challenge, must view 31 horror/scary/Halloween themed movies before dawn on Nov. 1st. The rest of us will bow down in awed reverence to these truly "Splatterific" HTF members. The bragging rights will be awesome and long lived.

    6. There has been discussion over the past two years as to what movies qualify. Is Silence of the Lambs a horror movie? Does The Nightmare Before Christmas count? From now on, if you wanna include it, go for it. There will be no hairsplitting. If The Wizard of Oz send you to the dresser for a fresh pair of boxer shorts, all the power.

    To get an idea of what went on last year, here is a list of the Splatterific HTFers:

    Peter M Fitzgerald (110)
    Justin_S (50)
    Matt Stone (44)
    Scott Weinberg (39)

    As you can see, last year Peter absolutely put us all to shame. I still don't know how that man watched so many films without becoming a permanent extension of his couch. In any event, I guess the ultimate challenge is to top 100 movies, since that is precisely what Mr. Fitzgerald did last year. I'm unemployed and out of school this time around, so you suckers better all watch out [​IMG]

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