Scandal (1989) - was UK theatrical cut ever available on DVD etc?

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    I have various home video versions of this film, but on all of them a brief scene - which I particularly remember from when I first saw it in a UK cinema - is missing from the orgy sequence. I find this quite annoying, but I also wonder if anything else has been cut.

    Does anyone know if the original UK theatrical version has been released anywhere in the world on VHS, Laserdisc, DVD or Blu-ray?

    According to the BBFC the original UK theatrical cut was 114min 48sec:

    The imdb gives some information on the various versions:

    The versions I have are as follows - all of which have the cut:

    UK Palace pictures PAL VHS (probably the first video release) not sure of running time
    US HBO/Image NTSC Laserdisc described as 'unrated' running time '111 min'
    Netherlands PAL DVD - running time (adjusted for PAL speedup) 114 min 20sec (as per time readout on DVD player)
    US NTSC DVD - running time 114 min 22sec (as per time readout on DVD player)

    I think I rented the UK DVD at some point and that had the cut too.

    If anyone has a link to a summary of the various cuts to this film, please let me know.

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