Sanyo 32" Fixed Audio attached to Soundbar question.

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    Jan 23, 2012
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    I have a Sanyo LCD-32E3 32" LCD TV with Fixed Audio Out. I am interested in buying the Sony SA-32SE1 All-In-One Soundbar and running it through the TV's Fixed Audio Output. My question is; will audio come through the soundbar no matter the input? For example, will it work when I am watching over the air TV, playing my XBOX 360, or when watching a movie on my Blu-Ray player? Also, will the sound come through both the TV speakers and the Soundbar, or will it only come through the Soundbar. As far as I know, I cannot turn off the TV speakers, so am hoping that by hooking up the Soundbar to the Fixed Audio Out that all sound will only come through the Sony Soundbar. Thanks in advance.

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