Samsung T4065F (or 6F) vs Sony KDL40XBR2 (1080P LCDs)

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Ted Todorov, Apr 18, 2007.

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    Any thoughts? I was just about sold on the Sony when I read about the Samsung, which now is seeming to be the better bet:

    Esthetically the Samsung looks much better (the XBR3 also looks good, but is hundreds of $ more than the XBR2 with identical specs).

    The picture quality on the Samsung appears excellent (I've seen "clouding" complaints about the Sony). The Samsung is 30 pounds lighter.

    FWIW, the primary use (at least initially) will be as the monitor for a Mac Mini based HTPC (Elgato EyeTV (HD), Front Row, DVDs) as well as general computer work (web/e-mail/iPhoto/programming).

    All advice/suggestions welcome.


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