Samsung Prog. Scan DVD Player DVD-P401: Good, Bad or Ugly? (Warning: Verbose)

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    Hello All from a long-time reader,
    As I count down the days until a new Mitsubishi WS-65809 enters my home (I work at a mom-and-pop electronics store and sell a lot of Mitsubishi, so my spiff points/$$$ are covering most of the costs of the tv), I've been reading many posts here regarding views of progressive scan DVD players. Seems a Panasonic, JVC, and Malata models get the most talk. Now I know that Mistubishi's progressive line from 2+ years ago were re-badged Toshibas. Now, Funai [​IMG] builds their economy player, and though no 2002 progressive players have arrived at our store yet, the catalog pix show what looks very much like Pioneer remotes for both their DD-6020 (w/ 2-ch. DVD-Audio decoding) and DD-8020 (w/ 6-ch. DVD-Audio decoding). I can't get my rep. to confirm that Pioneer is building them, though? Anyone know? And if they are Pioneer, is this a good thing? (I steered the owner away from the dreaded DV-434.)
    Okay--back to topic. I looking at a DBL Distributing catalog that advertises a Samsung Progressive Scan Player for $164.99. It boasts "true progressive output with 3:2 pulldown. Dual laser pickups for DVD/CD-R playback" etc.
    Now I know Hitachi has re-badged Samsung's players as their own. And I haven't been that wowed by the ones we carried this past year--both single disc and 5-disc players had problems skipping, and locking up while on our sales floor.
    Can anyone say anything positive about this product, besides that it's attractively priced? [​IMG] I'm tempted by the features of the Malata (esp. scaling), but then I'd just start down the road of non-R1 disc buying, and spend money like a crazy person. And I'm seeing JVC Progressive product (which we don't carry) in the Sunday ads for $229.99.
    By the time I've a new hole in the drywall and repainted, etc. to accomodate the 65", About $300 is what I'm prepared to spend for the new DVD player.
    I defer to your collective wisdom. . .

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